AOMWAY Tx25 5.8G 40CH AV 25/200mW Mini Wireless Tx

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This is one of our personal favorite TX, Don't let this small TX fool you! The range on this TX with the proper antennas is amazing! Perfect for small 180-300 Quadcopters

This is 5.8G 25w/200mW 32CH Tx solution which supports both Fatshark/ImmersionRC (Airwave/NexwaveRF) 7-channel and 5.8G boscam 8 channel. This TX comes stock with 200mw



    • Frequency: 5.8G wide-band FM video/audio Tx
    • Power: 12V, 180mA
    • Transmission Distance: 600m~1km (ordinary antenna)
    • Channels: 32 channels, audio video sync
    • Weight: 6g without antenna
    • PAL/NTSC supported
    • Stereo audio: L/R audio channel
    • Input Voltage: DC6-24v
    • Antenna connector: SMA antenn

Changing to 25mw