Charge Lead 4x parallel WALKERA / Graupner

Drone Proz

$ 5.00 

  • chargelead for lipos with WALKERA connector; (also GRAUPNER HEIM 100/3D) 
  • parallel charge 1-4 lipos 
  • setting at charger : 1S (1 lipo with 1 cell), amps depends on quantity of the lipos 
  • charge 2 lipos 600mAh with 1C, setting has to be: 1S and 1,2A (2 lipos x 0.6A x 1C) 
  • charge 4 lipos 1000mAh with 2C, setting has to be: 1S and 8,0A (4 lipos x 1.0A x 2C) 
  • consist of 4 x WALKERA-jacks und 2 x 4mm golden connectors 
  • note please : if you like to charge lipo for other use, may be you have to change the polarity, check before charge 
  • note please : at first connect the charge lead with the charger to prevent a short circuit