Droneproz Micro Race Motors (EPIC SERIES 17,450KV) PRE-ORDER

Drone Proz

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Introducing Droneproz own EPIC series motors. These motors are not like any other motor on the market, we specifically made these motors for the Inductrix instead of taking something off the shelf and calling it a motor for n Indutrix. With the 17,450 KV we have tuned the power band on these motors to be near the mid-high end to no only give you the best power but at the same time being very efficient considering the high KV

How do we achieve this great performance you may ask? 


Each and every set of motors is MATCHED to be as close to the same KV as possible. Your Inductrix is only as good as your weakest motor especially when running an aftermarket flight controller. 

Get your hands on the best motors out on the market that have been specifically made for your Inductrix and have been held to the highest standard we have seen on motors these size.


One full set of motors