Drone Proz

$ 148.95 
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Droneproz is proud to introduce ready to go FPV Inductrix. You no longer need to research all components needed to get one of these very popular indoor racers ready to fly. We have done all the work for you and left the fun part for you. Each and every model has a 3d printed camera mount that holds the FPV camera, upgraded Droneproz Racing motors installed and wired as well as made sure that each model is tested and operating correctly before shipment. Getting a Inductrix up and flying has never been easier. Start racing indoors like never before get yours today!


Inductrix quad 


3D printed camera mount

Droneproz Racing motors X4

150mah 1s LIPO Battery/USB Charger  

All Professionally installed and test flown 


Needed to Fly

Compatible DSM2/DSMX radio