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There is an elegance in simplicity that can only be found when form and function come together in a FUSION of the new and the old. It is where camera angles are high, and part counts are low. It is where maintanence can be completed as comfortably on the park bench, as on the work bench. It is where you can spend more time thinking about how you’ll celebrate hitting that next gap, and less time worrying about how much it will cost if you don’t.

With it’s full line of 3D printed accessories, downloadable tuning configurations, and a limited lifetime parts warranty*, this may be just the ONE you have been waiting for.


Material: 3K twill matte carbon fiber with Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Prop Support: 5”
Airframe Size: 210mm
Dry Weight: 124g

Hardware: All metal bolts and nuts with aluminum standoffs
Body: Top plate, Bottom Plate, 4 arms, 2 FPV plates
PDB: Matek XT60 with BEC 5v/12v
MQC Lipo Straps

Motors: 22xx
ESCs: 20amp with BLHeli 14+
Props: 5″ 5045 Tri Props
Lipo: 1300mah 4s
Vtx: 200mw
Receiver: D4R-II / X4RSB
FPV cam: Mini PZ0420 with swivel mount