Quanum Q58-2 40 Channel 200mw FPV Transmitter

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The Quanum Q58-2 FPV transmitter packs 200mW of 5.8GHz power for outstanding performance into a tiny 30mm x 22mm form factor.

The Q58-1 transmits a full range of 40 channels that are easily selectable thanks to the bright LED readout and pushbutton combination, no more dip switches!

The transmitter comes with a circular polarized antenna that have been proven to increase range and video clarity as well as rejecting reflected signals. The Mushroom shaped radome has been designed to minimize reflection/absorption and provides protection for the tuned elements.

Lightweight, this setup is perfect for 250 sized multi-rotors and even for larger multi-rotors such as Quanum Nova, DJI Phantom, QR X350 and almost any fixed-wing model you can imagine!

• 40 Channel including Race Band by ImmersionRC
• 200mW RF output
• Unaffected by 2.4GHz R/C equipment
• LED channel display
• Silicon carbide heat sink
• Compact and light weight
• Covers A, B, C, D & E bands
• Wide input voltage range

Operating Voltage: 6~30V DC
Supply current: 270~290mA
Video input: 1V ± 0.2V @ 75Ω
Audio input: 0.5~2.0V @10 kΩ
TV system: PAL/NTSC/SECAM (auto)
RF output: 200mW
Connector Type: SMA
Weight: 10g (28g Including antenna and wiring) 
Operating temperature: -10~+85°C
Antenna: RHCP

1 x Quanum Q58-2 FPV Transmitter
1 x Mushroom antenna