RedRotor RROSD Pro

Drone Proz

$ 34.99 
SKU: 4035



  •  Dimension 36mmx36mm (30.5mmx30.5mm mouting holes)
  •  Built-in power distribution and regulators to handle 3S - 6S Lipo
  •  Built in multi stages power filter for Video Transmitter and Camera with pre-installed conveniently located connectors
  •  12V and 5V output: can be used for FPV cam and accessories
  •  NTSC and PAL can be easily selected using the onboard button
  •  Plug and Play (PnP) OSD information: Flight pack voltage, current draw, total current consumption, RSSI, flight timer
  •  Maximum motor current 100A total
  •  Automatic flight timer shows actual flight time
  •  Additional lost model buzzer sounds off 5 minutes after the quad has crashed
  •  Auto RSSI detection (FRsky and analog compatible), displays in percentage
  •  Battery pack alarm feature blinks the battery voltage when pack voltage hits the set limit
  •  Onscreen menu allows user to calibrate pack voltage reading, rssi input, battery alarm level…etc....
  •  Firmware upgradable to ensure any user can enjoy any new features that we might release the future (optional programmer is needed)